Your Skin Problems Are Not A topical issue.
Get Rid Of Your Hormonal Acne And Feel Confident And Beautiful...
And no, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on products
and treatments that don't work.
Maybe You Can Relate
Is there painful cystic acne covering your chin, jaw, chest, back, or arms?

Are you scared to look in the mirror for fear of seeing new pimples every morning?

Do you stress about having to wear makeup just to leave your house?

Have you tried every product out there for your acne with no luck?

Yep. That Was Me Too.

It sucks.
After Years of Struggling with Flat-Out Embarrassing Hormonal Acne
  • Acne isn’t a topical problem (breakouts are just a symptom of a deeper issue).
  • There isn’t a cream, prescription, or treatment in the world that can get rid of it (so you’re wasting your money buying them).
  • Changing your diet is important (we’re in an era of, “Have this issue? Pop a pill for the symptoms, rather than discover the source).
  • The liver gets overburdened with toxins from the food we eat, water we drink, prescriptions we take, and products we use (this causes even more breakouts).
  • Birth control destroys your hormones and wreaks havoc on your skin when you stop taking it (yet we’re never told this).
I hate seeing women struggling like I used to.
I tried every cream and treatment, yet watched my skin get worse and worse.
I wasted so much time and so much money doing this.

Being a woman is hard enough - having to deal with non-stop breakouts adds so much unneeded stress.
All the inflammatory food, synthetic ingredients, and chemicals in my beauty products caused my hormonal acne to worsen.

My body was full of toxins I couldn’t get rid of, my gut lining was destroyed, and my hormones were sent on a joyride.

All of these things caused my hormonal acne to flare up all over my body, including my
  • Chin
  • Jaw
  • Cheeks
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Back
Stop Getting Your Hopes Up On Products & Treatments
That Aren’t Going to Fix Your Acne.
Instead of spending way too much time and money on things that won’t work...make it easy on yourself.
For Women Who Want To Get Clear Skin And Feel Confident And Beautiful Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Products & Treatments That Don’t Work.
This 6-week online program gives you the EXACT blueprint you need to banish breakouts. Each week we cover a different skin-clearing topic with video lessons and tons of priceless resources you need.

This program will drastically change the look of your skin.
Perfecting my 3-step system to finally get rid of my hormonal acne
was a game-changer for me.
I was able to get to the root problem of my breakouts and help my body start healing my skin from the inside out.

My hormonal acne has completely disappeared. I can leave my house without makeup and feel perfectly fine. I can wear anything without worry about pimples.

I feel confident and I feel beautiful.
Clearing your skin shouldn’t be difficult.
You should be able to get that flawless complexion you see on Instagram. That’s why I designed my 6-week program to help you finally banish your acne.

You'll discover how to effectively detoxify your body, heal your gut, and balance your hormones for clear skin that lasts.
Finally, get the flawless skin you deserve with my tried and tested program that:
  • Tells you exactly what foods to eat for clear skin and what breakout triggers to avoid.
  • Explains how to easily detoxify your body with real food - no deprivation or  juice cleansing involved.
  • Gives you simple tactics that can help your body heal your gut lining for better nutrient absorption, easier digestion, and elimination of breakouts.
  • Lays out how to naturally balance your hormones for more regular periods, banished PMS symptoms, and a beautiful complexion. 
I get it...
I was once exactly where you are. Stressed and embarrassed about my acne. I couldn’t believe I still had acne well into my 20s. 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner, and former journalist I used all the resources at my disposal to discover the best solution for breakouts.

I have 6 years of education that gave me the knowledge needed to create a 3-step solution to help you eliminate your hormonal acne. I’ve helped hundreds of women in my community solve their skin problems.

And I want that for you, too.
Here's What Other Had To Say...
"Katie lives such a clean and healthy lifestyle that she is the perfect person to guide you through how to clear your skin! Not only is this program packed with amazing information, it's beautifully delivered by a rising star in the nutrition world."

Julie Daniluk
Nutritionist | TV Host | Author
“I’ve had horrible skin since I was a teenager. I expected it to get better when I became an adult. It just got worse. I did all of Katie’s recommendations and was SO happy when my skin started to clear up!! I’ve been doing this for a year now and I’m no longer worried about my skin.”

Meghan B.
Former 12-Year Acne Sufferer
“I have literally tried everything and nothing worked for me. So I was pretty hesitant to try Katie’s program. But I figured what have I got to lose at this point? What’s I lost was my acne. Thank you so so so much for this program!!!”

April R.
Former 7-Year Acne Sufferer
“I took the pill for years and tried the IUD. After stopping birth control, my skin blew up. I had never experienced acne like this before. They were deep and painful. Just washing my face hurt. I am so grateful I found Katie and her program. My skin is finally back to normal!”

Carly W.
Former 4-Year Acne Suffer
"I thought I would just have acne forever. I hated looking in the mirror and I was embarrassed to go out on dates because I never felt pretty. After taking Katie's program, my skin looks better than it ever has. Getting my confidence back was worth every penny."

Sara S.
Former 3-Year Acne Sufferer.
I Want You To Picture This...
  •  Clear, glowing skin that makes you feel beautiful.
  • The confidence to leave your house without makeup and even snap a #nofilter selfie.
  • No more prescriptions or special creams from the doctor.
  • Waking up to flawless, pimple-free skin.
  • Feeling great that you’ve finally found the solution to your breakouts.

Here's What The Program Includes:
Not only do you get all of the following included in the program, but you also get LIFETIME access to The Clear Skin Solution. That means any updates or bonus material that gets added for future runs of the program, you get it too.
Quick Start Guides ($49 value)
After you enrol in the program, you’ll receive an email with immediate access to the quick start content. The guides are designed to help you dive right in and get deeper results.
18 Video Lessons ($228 value)
Each week, I walk you through three videos lessons. You’ll learn exactly how to detoxify your body, heal your gut lining, and balance your hormones for true healing. I’ve broken each topic down so you can quickly start transforming your skin. See an entire breakdown of lessons below.
Downloadable Guides & Cheatsheets ($67 value)
I’ve condensed all 18 video lessons down into a handy PDF that you can save or print. This gives you a clear outline of the exact path you need to take to clear your skin.
Group Coaching Calls with Me ($320 value)
Every month, you’ll be able to join me on our group coaching calls. Ask me your questions so you can get personalized advice. Since you have lifetime access, you’ll be able to jump on the coaching calls even after the 6-week course ends.
Private VIP Community ($249 value)
You’ll be included in our private community where you can ask questions and get daily support from myself and other women in the program. I also share additional beauty-boosting tips in there each week!
Total Value: $913
Here's a Complete Breakdown
Quick Start Guides
  • Quick Start Guide #1: How to Seed Cycle for Balanced Hormones, Clear Skin & Better Periods
  • Quick Start Guide #2: The Best Essential Oils for Flawless Skin
  •  Quick Start Guide #3: Supplement Recommendations for Deeper Detoxification
Step 1 | Heal Your Gut
Week One | Skin Food
  • Beauty-Boosting Foods to Include
  • Acne-Causing Foods to Avoid
  • How to Choose Organic Food for Clear Skin
Week Two | Happy Gut
  • Why Your Bowel Movements Are Essential for Better Skin
  • The Best Herbs for Healing the Gut
  • How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Digestion
Step 2 | Detox Your Body
Week Three | Skin Clearing Detoxification
  • The Detox Organs & How They Impact Your Acne
  • Daily Detox Practices for Clear Skin
  • Deeper Detoxification for Stunning Results
Week Four | Natural Beauty
  • Why Your Beauty Products Are Causing Your Breakouts
  • How to Correctly Care for Your Skin
  • The Biggest Breakout Triggers You Need to Avoid
Step 3 | Balance Your Hormones
Week Five | The Hormonal Nightmare
  • Havoc Wreaking Endocrine Disruptors
  • Birth Control: What Really Happens to Your Body 
  • How to Have a Healthy Period
Week Six | Stress: The Brain-Skin Connection
  • Sleep: The Clear Skin Secret
  • Self-Care for Less Stress & A Beautiful Complexion
  • The Right Way to Exercise for Less Breakouts
Additional Bonuses
Bonus #1: 7-Day Skin Clearing Meal Plan with Recipes ($57 Value)
  • Two meal plan versions: vegan and omnivore.
  •  Three meals and two snacks recommended each day.
  •  35 recipes included.
  •  All recipes are free of grains (including gluten), dairy, and refined sugar.
  •  Recipes are easy to make and work for a busy on-the-go lifestyle.
    Bonus #2: The Elimination Guide ($19 Value)
    •  Learn how to easily test for food intolerances and sensitivities right at home.
    •  No expensive blood test involved.
    •  Helps us decide what to foods remove, the best ones to eat, how to re-introduce foods, and what to do going forward.
    Total Value: $76
    Retail Value of Program & Bonuses: $989
    Actual Program Cost: $497
    Your Price: $249 CAD
    Payment plan available at checkout.

    Why Is It Priced So Low?
    Since this is the first launch of The Clear Skin Solution, I wanted to exclusively offer it at 63% off the original price.
    The price will be going up for the Fall 2019 session. Don't miss out on this one-time-only pricing!
    Who This Is For
    •  You’ve been struggling with hormonal acne for way too long.
    •  You’ve tried every cream and treatment out there without luck.
    •  You eat pretty healthy and are cautious about the products you use, but are still not getting clear skin.
    •  You want a flawless appearance with lasting results.
    •  Suitable for all diet types, including: omnivore, vegan, paleo, and keto. 
    Who This Is Not For
    •  You’re just looking for a quick fix (hint: that doesn’t exist).
    •  You’re not committed to getting clear skin.
    •  You’d rather use the lotions and ointments in hopes your breakouts will clear up one day.
    •  You’re fine with having hormonal acne.
    •  You’re not serious enough to invest in yourself.
    My Guarantee to You
    This is not a one-time quick fix. This program is about transforming your skin and health. I am confident this program will give you the results you want.

    If after the first week, you’ve watched the videos and emailed me your thoroughly completed acne blueprint, and you still don’t feel that this program can help you, I'll refund 100% of your money.
    Real Results
    “I was so frustrated with my skin. I went to the doctors, saw the dermatologists, and did all of the things I was told by them. My skin got a little bit better, but I still had breakouts (especially around my period). After going through Katie’s program, my skin finally started to clear up!! So so happy.”

    Rebecca H. 
    Former 15-Year Acne Sufferer
    Of course! Since this is an online program, you can take it from the comfort of your living room (aka hanging out in your pjs with your favourite tea).

    Breakouts are your body screaming at you that it needs help. That something is wrong on the inside and it needs to be fixed. The Clear Skin Solution will work for you because it’s the main focus is on healing the body from the inside out NOT about apply creams and taking prescriptions. That is a band-aid approach. We are digging deeper and addressing the actual cause of the acne.

    It depends on two things. First, how closely you follow the recommendations. You can’t do 50% of the program and expect 100% results. Second is more depends on how much damage has been done to your gut, liver, and hormones. You’ve spent your entire life getting your skin to where it’s at so it will not be an overnight miracle. This will take time. With that said, you will usually see improvements in one to two menstrual cycles. The longer you continue on with the recommendations, the better your skin will get.

    It takes me 6 weeks to teach you all you need to know about healing your body from within. But you get lifetime access to the program content so you can keep it up well after the 6-weeks!

    If after the first week, you’ve watched the videos and emailed me your thoroughly completed acne blueprint, and you still don’t feel that this program can help you, I'll refund 100% of your money.

    Since you have lifetime access to the program, you can start whenever you’d like. You can go back and watch the videos as many times as you’d like. Once you buy the program it’s yours to keep! There are no deadlines to meet.

    The 3-step system used on The Clear Skin Solution works just as well for many other women’s health issues. Healing your gut, detoxifying your body, and balancing your hormones is at the core of many other issues like digestive woes, painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, food intolerances/sensitivities, headaches, skin issues, perimenopause, menopause, and many more. This is the core system I use to help most of my female clients.

    After you purchase you will receive a welcome email from me and your login information. You receive immediate access to the Quick Start Guides, the private VIP accountability group (where I answer your day-to-day questions), and Step 1 of the program. Every two weeks, another step will be opened up for you. There is one group coaching calls a month for you to ask me your more personalized questions.

    While there are product and supplement recommendations, they are not a program requirement. They are recommended for those who want a deeper detoxification and quicker healing. You will receive any suggestions prior to starting the program. That way you can decide if they are right for you or not.

    Absolutely! Whether you're vegan, omnivore, keto, paleo, or any other diet you can think of, The Clear Skin Solution can be easily tailored to you. 
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